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Additional Services

Arrow Pool Service offers many additional services for your pool. Please indicate if you would like more information on any of the following services.

- Arrow will remove the filter elements, bring them to our office and clean them in an acid solution to remove oils and debris that does not come off during regular backwashing. We will then inspect the elements for damage that may allow DE and dirt to bypass the filter and return to the pool. This service will ensure your filter is operating properly for next season. Elements will be returned and put back inside your filter after cleaning. If repairs are needed we will contact you for authorization. No additional labor will be charged if repairs are needed.
- Arrow will remove your Salt Generator cell at the time of your pool closing. During the winter months we will perform a thorough cleaning of the cell to insure peak efficiency. You will not be invoiced until the service is performed.
- Arrow will come to your home once per month to check and adjust the water level on top of and underneath your cover; remove the debris from on top of the cover; check and adjust the pH level (only when the water is not frozen) and check the water clarity.
- Arrow will add 2 quarts of Algaecide under your pool cover in March to help keep algae levels down. In some cases additional chemical may be added if necessary.
- In most cases this service will be preformed before your pool opening and invoiced at the time of service
- If you cleaner was not running right last season we can tune up your cleaner before the season starts so that it is all ready to go when the season starts!
In most cases this service will be performed before your pool opening and invoiced at the time of service

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