Residents in southeastern Pennsylvania know how serious the weather can get when winter comes. For swimming pool owners, there are several steps that need to be taken every year to ensure their pool doesn’t get damaged as the seasons change.

As winter approaches, the first thing you should do if you own a pool is to have it professionally closed in the late summer or autumn. Call Arrow Pool to ensure the absolute best closing procedure is done to your pool. That way you will know everything is taken care of when the snow and freezing rain come to town.

Arrow specializes in three winter maintenances for equipment:

Motor maintenance—Arrow will take your existing motor back to the office and can rebuilt it over the winter. Arrow experts take the motor apart, replace the motor bearings and shaft seal and clean the windings, wiring and starter switch. This process extends the life of the motor and allows it to run more quietly.

Salt Cell Maintenance—the salt cell is taken back to the office to be deep cleaned and inspected to ensure proper operation.

Pool Cleaner Maintenance—cleaners are taken to the office and inspected and repaired.

When the expert Arrow pool technicians close your pool for the season, they put extra emphasis on the pool equipment. Arrow also offers winter cover maintenance, where Arrow professionals go to your location throughout the season to remove water and debris, to have the water adjusted under mesh covers and to have the pH tested and adjusted.

Don’t take the chance; make sure your pool equipment is properly winterized by Arrow Pool. If you think there is a problem, call one of the experts at Arrow and they can evaluate your situation and determine the best course of action.

Arrow has you covered all winter long.