One of the best times of the year is when you are finally ready to open your pool. Properly opening and closing your pool can be just as important as the surface, chemicals and equipment. Don’t risk doing damage to your pool or unnecessarily delaying your swim start date by trying to handle everything yourself.

For over five decades, the residents of southeastern Pennsylvania have been relying on Arrow Pool for all of their pool opening needs, including cover removal. All too often, when pool owners attempt to take the cover off themselves, rain water, debris, chemicals and leaves fall right back into the pool—the very things you were trying to protect your pool from all winter long just spilled back in.

Ensuring your water and surroundings aren’t affected by the cover coming off is just the first step—cleaning, adding storage chemicals and compacting the cover all come next and must be executed with professionalism.

When spring comes, think Arrow Pool for all of your pool prep needs. Questions about your pool cover? Call an Arrow associate now at 610-731-7665 or please feel free to request a service, 24/7 right now online.