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Swimming pools are a great way to relax, exercise, and cool off during hot summer days, but they can be draining on the environment. Fortunately, Arrow Pool Service in Wayne, PA, offers many eco-friendly pool equipment options that can help you reduce your pool’s environmental impact while still enjoying all the benefits of owning a pool. 

Eco-Friendly Pool Equipment 

Installing a variable-speed pool pump is one of the easiest ways to make your pool more eco-friendly. Traditional swimming pool pumps run at a single speed, which means they’re often running at full power even when they don’t need to be. Variable speed pumps, on the other hand, can adjust their speed to match the needs of your pool. They can run slower when your pool needs less filtration and faster when it needs more. You can save up to 90% on your pool’s energy usage with a variable-speed pump.

Another eco-friendly pool option is a pool heater. It can be as simple as a solar pool cover, which acts like a greenhouse cover for your pool and traps heat. However, if you’re interested in an actual heater to prolong your pool season, Arrow Pool Service has several high-performance options. These top-quality heaters offer best-in-class efficiency and low emissions. Installing a high-performance heater helps you save money and reduces your carbon footprint.

Arrow Pool Service in Wayne, PA, offers an Intellichlor Automatic Chlorine Generator. It allows you to turn table salt into pool chlorine. You don’t have to worry about using harsh chemicals to maintain your pool, which makes it safer for you and the environment. These pools generally require less maintenance than traditional pools since the generator continually produces chlorine. While installation costs more upfront, the automatic chlorine generator saves you money in the long run. Plus, it’s nice not to worry about the chlorine smell or stinging eyes!

It’s essential to get a cover even if you don’t want to upgrade to a solar one. A cover helps keep debris out of the pool, which eases the burden on your filter. It also reduces water evaporation during the height of summer. Covers end up reducing the number of chemicals and energy you need to keep your pool in good condition. You can always look for covers made with eco-friendly materials like recycled plastic to reduce the environmental impact even more.

Arrow Pool Service in Wayne, PA

Installing eco-friendly pool equipment is just one step to reducing your pool’s environmental impact. At Arrow Pool Service, we offer environmentally responsible products to keep your carbon footprint small while saving you money and reducing your reliance on chemicals, all at the same time! By installing a variable-speed pool pump, using a pool cover, and switching to automatic chlorine generation, you can see a big difference in your energy bill. It also makes your pool easier to maintain and nicer to use. 

If you’re ready to go green with your pool or want to learn more about our pool equipment installation services, contact us at (610) 731-7665.