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As the weather starts to warm up, many homeowners begin to think about opening their backyard swimming pools for the season. Opening your pool for the season can be daunting, especially for new pool owners. That’s where Arrow Pool Service in Bryn Mawr comes in. 

Pool opening services help homeowners get their pools clean, balanced, and ready for the season. This typically includes a thorough pool cleaning, inspection and testing of pool equipment, deck, and liner, and chemically balancing the water. 


The first step to opening a pool is to get it clean. After sitting with stagnant water all winter, they usually look more like ponds than pools. Cleaning involves removing debris or leaves that dropped in over the winter and the occasional mouse or frog that fell in. This is the most labor-intensive cleaning of the season and requires specialized equipment that some homeowners might not have. 


Once the pool is clean, Arrow’s Pool Service technician will inspect and test the equipment to ensure it’s working correctly. We check the pump, filter, and heater if you have one. Then we make any repairs or replacements that are needed. Using faulty or damaged equipment can lead to more issues later on and poses a safety risk to swimmers. 

Balance Chemicals

Once the water is clean and the equipment has been inspected and repaired, our technicians in Bryn Mawr will test the pool water to determine if any chemicals are needed to balance the water. Balancing the water is essential because unbalanced pool water can cause eye and skin irritation and makes regular cleaning much more difficult. At Arrow Pool Service, our technicians will add the necessary chemicals to bring your pool to the proper pH and chlorine levels.

In addition to these pool-opening solutions, we also offer additional services. We clean, remove, and store your pool cover, top off your water levels, and reinstall your pool accessories after the winter. If you have specific needs or features you would like help with, let us know. We’ll work to accommodate you and ensure your pool is in top condition for the summer season. 

Arrow Pool Service in Bryn Mawr

Hiring a professional, local company to open your pool for the summer offers many benefits. It saves you time and effort and makes having a swimming pool a simple, easy investment for you and your family to enjoy. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your pool gets opened correctly and safely. We’ll reduce the risk of costly repairs or safety issues arising from improper pool maintenance. 

Using a professional company for pool service can save you money in the long run. By ensuring the equipment is working correctly and the water is properly balanced, your pool will require fewer repairs and maintenance throughout the summer. At Arrow Pool Service, we have over 50 years of experience helping homeowners open and maintain their pools. Call us at (610) 731-7665. Let’s get ready for summer!