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Winters in southeastern Pennsylvania can be brutal. Cold fronts come down from the north and mix with the warmer air of the south, jet streams and the Atlantic Ocean cause dramatic changes in forecasts and temperatures can plummet, with or without taking into account the wind chill, at will.

In the middle of all of that extreme weather, day after day and without a break is your pool cover. Rips, tears, holes, stains and more can all happen to your cover over the course of a week, let alone the entire offseason.

Consider the professional repair approach from Arrow Pool. After a quick call to 610-557-3936 or by scheduling a service online, a pool expert will quickly be at your location to assess the situation.

Only the repairs and improvements you approve will be made and there is never any pressure—the changes you want are the ones you will receive. Don’t put up with an unsightly or damaged pool cover—call Arrow today.


Arrow Pool Can Fix Any Pool Cover Issues

If your pool cover has holes or is experiencing any type of wear and tear, let Arrow Pool come out and patch your cover with high-quality material made for pool safety covers.

We Can Re-Make Your Cover

Many people have custom covers that anchor into the ground or a deck. These types of covers can be patched, but if the damage is bad enough, Arrow Pool can get you a brand new, custom cover that matches your specific system.

Each Repair Is Unique

Not all pools or pool covers are the same. Arrow Pool has experience fixing and replacing a variety of pool cover types. Let us come out and assess the issues with your pool cover today!