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Making your older pool BETTER than new…

Arrow Pool has been renovating all types of different pools in southeastern Pennsylvania for over 45 years. From small repairs to complete overhauls and everything in-between, Arrow will listen and understand exactly how you want your swimming pool or whirlpool to be transformed. Only when your exact specifications have been met is the job complete.

Pool Surface Refinishing

Over time, your swimming pool surface can wear and become an eyesore. A worn surface can stain more easily, promote algae growth not to mention be rough to the touch. Arrow Pool Service specializes in restoring your pool surface and making it stronger, smoother and more visually stimulating than when it was originally installed. Arrow has three main pool surface refinishing options to meet the needs of different clients.


Damaged coping can cause safety issues as well as make your pool look old and disheveled. The coping experts at Arrow Pool can repair or replace your coping and make your pool new once again.

Tile Replacement

Cracked or broken tile is a serious safety concern around swimming pools, not to mention the way faded and old tile steals beauty from an otherwise majestic pool environment. Arrow Pool Service can do tile repair and complete tile replacement. Revamp your pool surroundings with expertly installed tile from Arrow Pool.

Sandblasting & Waterblasting

If your pool’s painted finish is failing it may be necessary to remove the existing paint. Sandblasting and water-blasting will remove layers of deteriorating paint. Once removed, a new finish can be applied.

Main Drains

Arrow can replace your leaking or outdated main drain with VGBA compliant drains to ensure your pool functioning properly and is meeting the safety standards.

Skimmer Replacement & New Lines

Pool skimmers and underground lines can crack, break and leak over time. Arrow can repair and replace pool skimmers and underground lines to help your pool operate properly.