When you’re a second generation family business that’s been serving costumers for over 50 years, being able to do it all is an understatement. Arrow Pool Service has expert pool professionals that can assist you with almost every service issue related to swimming pools.

Every pool opening is slightly different. With that in mind, top to bottom comprehensive swimming pool opening services are available from Arrow Pool. A specific and customized plan will be established by Arrow Pool to get you ready for the upcoming season, while taking into account your schedule, type of pool and the required set up procedure. The Arrow Pool opening services include: cover removal, cover repair, spring assembly of filter equipment, shock chemicals, spring vacuuming, heater start-up, heater repair, and more.

When it comes to maintaining and repairing pools, Arrow has the expert staff and the latest equipment to get the job done correctly and quickly. With 20 trucks on the road and ready to serve, Arrow Pool has all of southeastern Pennsylvania covered. No matter the issue, an Arrow expert can service your filter equipment, including: pumps, heaters, filters, cleaners, salt chlorine generators, automation, timers and much more. Have a leak? Arrow Pool has in-house leak detection specialists that can evaluate and fix leak problems concerning your pool.

The open pool season is a busy time of year, making it hard to keep up on the cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools. Considering your pool environment, specialized cleaning service plans will be created by Arrow Pool to care for and monitor your pool. The dedicated maintenance department at Arrow can arrange: weekly vacuuming and chemical maintenance, baby-sitting service (don’t come home from vacation to a discolored pool), one-time cleanings and more.

Eventually the swimming season ends, and it becomes imperative that proper pool closing and winterizing procedures be done to ensure the longevity of your pool through the winter months. For many decades, Arrow Pool Service has given their clients the peace of mind of knowing that their pool has been closed correctly, including: cover installations, winterization of filter equipment and lines, winterization chemicals, filter element cleaning, winter equipment maintenance, safety pool covers, and more.

As pools grow older, so does their equipment. When equipment starts to go bad, it can affect the filtration and sanitation of your pool. Arrow Pool can replace and update your pool systems with newer and more efficient equipment, including: the pool pump, the pool heater, the pool filter, salt chlorine generators, system automation, automatic pool cleaners, valves, and more.

Why go to the store when Arrow Pool Services customers always receive free delivery of the necessary pool chemicals and supplies. When you need pool supplies, Arrow has you covered.