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How to Decide Whether to Repair or Replace a Pool Cover

Pool safety covers are built to last. They are strong and durable as they have to go through harsh winters and heavy snowstorms. Even through the brutal winter conditions, many pool safety covers last up to 15 years, but eventually, they will fail. After this winter, have you noticed your pool cover does not look too good? Are the straps beginning to rip, the stitching is fraying, or there is chafing along the bottom? Are you wondering if you should go out and buy a new one? Are you thinking maybe your pool cover is salvageable and could be repaired? If your pool cover is looking like it may need a repair, now is the time to figure it out. It is better to fix it when you first notice damages, rather than prolonging the repair or replacement. 

Pool Cover Repair

When deciding if your pool cover is repairable, ask yourself if the cover is still functional. Is your cover still safe? Does it still block out sunlight and stop debris from entering the pool? If you answered yes, then your cover should be good for repair. A few broken straps, springs, missing anchors, or small holes do not mean you have to throw out your pool cover. Ultimately, a little wear and tear on your cover calls for a repair, not a replacement. Arrow Pool Service of Chestnut Hill can perform your pool cover repair with the highest quality materials. We understand all pools are different, therefore, all our repairs are unique. We will come to your home and assess your pool to ensure your cover is getting repaired efficiently to keep your pool safe. 

Pool Cover Replacement

If you cannot repair your cover and there is no way to save it, then you will need a pool cover replacement. The easiest way to replace your pool cover would be to contact the company you originally bought it from and ask for a quote on a replacement cover. They can send you a price of how much an exact duplicate of your original pool cover would cost. If your original cover did not fit well, you can also go another route and get your replacement cover designed differently. At Arrow Pool Service, we can get you a brand new, custom cover. We can even have your new cover match your pre-existing system. Our high-end pool cover replacements guarantee your swimming pool’s protection. 

Why Choose Arrow Pool Service 

When your pool cover has been damaged and you are not sure whether it requires a repair or a replacement, you may find yourself searching the web for “pool cover repair & replacement services near me” to find a professional’s help. At Arrow Pool, we have been repairing and replacing pool covers for over 50 years. Our trained pool experts can evaluate your cover and guide you through the next step of deciding whether or not it can be repaired. No matter what season we are in, Arrow Pool wants to make sure your pool cover is effectively doing its job to assure your Chestnut Hill pool is being preserved.