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In order to ensure a healthy and sanitary swimming pool environment, it is necessary to routinely clean and maintain the pool’s equipment. It is especially important to stay on top of looking after the filter, as it plays a big role in ensuring the pool is functioning properly.

All too often homeowners try to unsuccessfully clean their pool equipment. The reasons why the job doesn’t get completed correctly vary—some owners forget about the timeline and miss crucial cleaning dates. Others break and damage the equipment trying to remove or replace the items. Swimming pool owners have also been known to use the wrong cleaning chemicals, thus throwing off the balance in the pool itself.

With a click or a call to Arrow Pool Service, all of your filter cleaning, maintenance, and replacement needs can be taken care of right away. As part of the pool closing procedure from Arrow, filter element cleaning can be done professionally and correctly the first time. The expert Arrow staff will remove the filter elements and take them back to the office for a thorough cleaning. The acid clean method from Arrow will make sure the filter is ready to go for next season.

Arrow will add life to your pool and equipment by making sure the correct attention and care are routinely given to your pool. Arrow has over 50 years of experience so they know the right process, chemicals, and procedures when it comes to filtering element cleaning.