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Having a pool in your backyard can be an incredible luxury. There’s nothing quite like taking a dip on a hot summer day. A swimming pool is also a great way to entertain guests and spend time with family and friends. It also comes with a fair amount of responsibility. Keeping the water clean and safe to swim in requires regular maintenance and cleaning, which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. That’s why many pool owners turn to Arrow Pool Service in Villanova for care and cleaning throughout the summer. 

Regular pool cleaning service: This includes skimming the surface of the water to remove debris, brushing the walls and floor of the pool to prevent algae buildup, and vacuuming the bottom of the pool to remove dirt and sediment that may have accumulated on the bottom. 

Chemical balancing: Proper chemical balance is essential to keeping your pool clean and safe for swimming. Our professional pool maintenance services include regularly resting the water and adding the necessary chemicals to keep the pH levels balanced and the water free from algae and bacteria. 

Equipment maintenance: Your pool is equipped with systems that work together to keep the water clean and clear, including filters, pumps, and heaters. You also likely have ladders, diving boards, and maybe even a waterfall. Regularly servicing these systems is essential to keep your pool in good working order.

Repairs: If your pool needs repairs, our professionals can help! We’ll repair or replace broken equipment, fix leaks, and perform other repairs as necessary to keep your pool functioning properly. We’ll also let you know if we see a part reaching the end of its life, so you can prepare to replace it.

Opening and closing services: In Pennsylvania, you can’t exactly keep your pool open year-round. At Arrow Pool Service, we offer opening and closing services for the swimming season, like removing the cover, topping off the water levels, cleaning, and balancing the chemicals. 

Hire the Pros

Maintaining a pool is a lot of work, especially when unfamiliar with the systems and equipment that keep it running. By hiring a professional pool cleaning service, you save yourself time and effort and get to focus on enjoying your pool instead. 

Keeping your pool safe is always a priority. At Arrow, our professional pool maintenance team has the knowledge and experience to keep your pool clean and safe. We’ll ensure the chemicals are balanced and the equipment functions correctly, reducing the risk of accidents or injury. 

Keeping your pool in tip-top shape for the summer doesn’t just mean less work for you. It extends its life and reduces the risk of costly repairs. We’ll keep your equipment in good working order, prevent dirt and debris buildup, and perform any tune-ups or repairs needed. 

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With Arrow, you get the expertise and knowledge of 50 years of professional pool services. We’ll do the legwork so you can spend your summer enjoying your pool, not cleaning it! Call us at (610) 731-7665 to schedule an appointment today.