Biggest Pool Splashes

Biggest Pool Splashes

Almost everyone, at some point in their lives, has jumped into a swimming pool hoping to make a big splash. Some call it an art form, there are splash competitions and the word “cannonball” is one of the most popular pool-associated words—needless to say big waves are a part of summer swimming.

There’s a lot of debate on how to create the highest water wall that will drench the deck and soak the spectators. Size and weight are often thought to be key factors in producing a wet effect.

“Not true. You’re looking for a small, dense mass to carve a big ‘hole’ in the surface. That is to say, to lose your velocity in a kind of sweet spot in relation to the water’s surface tension,” wrote Papa Bell on the subject.

So if it’s not really about size or weight, then the focus should be on technique and style.

Pretty much anyone who has ever taken a dip before has heard of the cannonball. And that is a legitimate move to cause some water havoc. But have you heard of the can opener, nutcracker, gainer, sow cow or watermelon?

Out of all of those splashing moves and techniques, the watermelon has gained a lot of popularity recently. Basically, it’s the same concept as the cannonball, but you go head first. You could even call it a cannonball dive.

The other move of high hype is the can opener or jackknife. When you go to jump in, use both hands to bring your knee up to your chest and let the other leg rest straight.

What is your favorite splash technique? Want to add a dive to the list? We’d love to hear from you.