LED Lighting for your Pool

LED Lighting for your Pool

This spring, you can dramatically change the appearance and feel of your pool by replacing your existing light(s). Our LED lights can help enhance your pool experience and create a back yard environment that fits your taste and mood.


If you want to transform your pool into a luminous after-hours spectacle, we can install an underwater light show right in your back yard.

Pentair’s IntelliBrite LED light can be rotated to 180 degrees and distributes light and color more evenly throughout your pool. It uses up to 50 percent less energy consumption than competitor’s lights and you can set the mood by choosing blue, green, magenta, white, red, or one of the 7 color shows that come with IntelliBrite.

The AmerBrite LED lamp is another color-changing option and is the most efficient LED replacement pool lamp on the market!

White Lighting

If you prefer white light over multiple colors, that’s okay too because there are even more white LED light options available.

Arrow Pool can install over 8 different types of LED lights for your pool and spa. You don’t need a lot of color to enhance your pool’s beauty. The white LED lights will give your backyard the elegance and simplicity you’re looking for. Also, the white lights are the most energy efficient option available, reducing usage up to 89 percent!

Landscape Lighting

Our landscape LED lighting can be used in fountains, ponds, and wherever else you want to put them. They will compliment your pool nicely and can even be synchronized with IntelliBrite light systems in your pool or spa.

The landscape lights also come in white or color-changing options. They’re very versatile as you can mount them in any position on the wall or ground.

In addition, we can provide automation such as the IntelliBrite controller, so you can control and synchronize your lights with the push of a button.

LED lighting for your pool will enrich your backyard experience while saving you money! We carry and install the best Pentair products and would be glad to update your pool with LED lights this spring. Give us a call at 610-557-3851 to get started.