Pool Enhancements to Make This Spring

Pool Enhancements to Make This Spring

While it seems like this winter may never end, mathematically we’re getting closer and closer to warmer weather and pool opening season.

Arrow Pool has a few new suggestions on pool enhancements you can make in 2015.

LED Lighting

Arrow Pool is a proud partner and authorized dealer of Pentair products. In 2014, they were named the Energy Star Partner of the Year by the EPA. It’s safe to say, that they make and we install some of the world’s best LED lighting.

These various, stunning, color-changing lights will not only save you money, but help turn your pool into an inviting, after-dark haven. We offer standard incandescent and halogen lighting that can be installed underwater or on the landscape of your pool.


Within the last decade or so, pool owners have been switching to saltwater pools for a more natural effect and because of a distaste for heavily chlorinated pools.
If you’re interested in making the switch to a saltwater pool, Arrow Pool can help you complete the process!


Adding automated features to your pool is one of the coolest ways technology can be used to enhance the swimming pool experience.

Not only can you turn on lights, heaters, and pumps with the push of a button, but maintenance has been made very simple with the ability to control and operate filtration cycles and sanitizing from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Arrow Pool has been the leading pool service company in Southeastern Pennsylvania since 1968 and we’re continuing to keep up with the latest and most innovative pool trends, technologies, and services. Call and talk to one of our professionals at 610-557-3851 about making pool enhancements this spring.