Pool Opening Mistakes

Pool Opening Mistakes

Without a doubt, one of the best aspects of spring is knowing that you are just days away from jumping, laughing, relaxing and swimming in and around your pool. Old Man Winter is nearly gone, and the anticipation and excitement surrounding your first dip grows by the day. All too often, however, homeowners get a little too impatient and begin taking steps and doing prep work for their pool or whirlpool system that can have dire results.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a little elbow grease at the start of the spring season for cleaning and polishing purposes. But outside of some simple cleaning, you should have a cautious approach to ensure you pool will function properly for the entire season.

The best and first thing you should do is contact a professional pool service company that has decades of experience in your area opening pools for homes and businesses. The number one thing owners do wrong is think that they can do it all themselves—even seasoned vets need refreshers on ways to reduce their costs and what new pool options are available.

Another big mistake of pool owners is assuming chemical needs don’t change. Pool chemicals are constantly being tested and improved upon; what you dumped into your pool 10 years ago is not what you should be using today.

Technology also plays a big part in the pool opening process. Some owners simply don’t have the ear or eye to notice failing systems, or parts that need touch ups and repairs so there are no problems mid-season. Also, new eco-friendly and energy saving equipment continues to be rolled out every year, so it is good to get educated on what options you have that could actually save you more money in the long run.

Other pool mistakes include: opening your cover too early, letting top water and debris get into your pool, not treating the metal components properly and shocking your pool too early.