Pool Planning in the Winter

Pool Planning in the Winter

Those familiar with the winters in southeastern Pennsylvania understand that when the seasons change, the splashing and swimming comes to an end. When the snow starts falling, your pool has already been properly winterized by professionals to ensure a clean and smooth opening process in the spring.

Just because your pool is sitting idle doesn’t mean you should be—the winter is the perfect time to begin planning your equipment upgrades, repairs, refinishing and renovations for next year.

Equipment—pool technology continues to become more and more efficient. Upgrading your pool products can result in lower energy consumption, electric bills and lessening your carbon footprint.

Variable speed pumps reduce utility costs and have a safety vacuum release system, high performance heaters have low NOx emissions and LED lighting uses 75% less energy. There are many options to reduce pool costs and increase performance.

Renovations—the off-season is a great time to think about the structural side of your pool system. By planning your renovations in advance you can beat the rush and have your swimming pool ready to go when the seasons change.

Is your pool surface rough, an eyesore and/or promotes algae growth? Have your pool refinished with painting, plaster or a pebble finish. Has your tile become faded, cracked and/or dangerous? Consider tile repair or replacement. Damaged coping can be fixed as well as sandblasting and water-blasting to remove unwanted layers should be considered as well.

With the right pool service company, you can ensure your swimming pool and its surroundings will be perfect for next season.

Making sure your pool is winterized properly is essential in protecting your investment and ensuring that costly damage doesn’t take place. Don’t take any chances – call Arrow pool today at 610-557-3936 – or click here to request pool closing services.