Quick Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean After Close

Quick Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean After Close

No one likes when it is time to close the pool. But it can be even worse if you go to open the pool in the spring to find excess bacteria and mold floating in and around your pool area. Here are some quick tips to help ensure your pool survives the winter.

For starters, make sure you have your pool professionally closed for the winter. Don’t take chances with frozen lines and damaging your equipment by not having it all properly taken care of for the winter. From the pump to the cover, the proper winterization approach is key.

Also, make sure you clean around the pool before the closing process starts. Dirt, sticks and debris shouldn’t be able to blow into the water while the cover is being put on and the equipment is being addressed.

It is also good to keep the same pool rules you had in the summer for the winter. If you don’t want glass, for example, around your pool in the summer, walking on slick surfaces like freezing ran won’t help your chances on not dealing with a broken glass. It’s the same for running and horseplay too so nothing in and around the pool gets damaged, especially you or your family.

Last, just use common sense. If a strap comes loose or if there is a dangling branch above your equipment or cover, address the situation before it gets worse. With a few simple steps it’s easy to ensure you will have a pool that won’t have any trouble getting through the winter.

Making sure your pool is winterized properly is essential in protecting your investment and ensuring that costly damage doesn’t take place. Don’t take any chances – call Arrow pool today at 610-557-3936 – or click here to request pool closing services.