Summer Pool Safety Tips

Summer Pool Safety Tips

Enjoying your swimming pool can be one of the most relaxing, rewarding and fun things you can do during the summer. It doesn’t matter the age or ability, a pool will gladly welcome you into its liquid paradise. A horrible and unfortunate fact exists with swimming pools—without the proper preparation, awareness, common sense and precautions, a pool can become dangerous and deadly. Let’s look at some areas of concern and how to ensure your friends, family and home (from a liability perspective) are safe this swim season.

To begin with, let’s start with a shocking stat so we are all on the same page as to the seriousness of swim safety: “Nine people a day drown in the U.S.” But out of 313 million, Americans are generally pretty swim safe.

What can you do? The best way to prevent an accident this swim season is by simply watching out. No one should swim without supervision. Add a fence or some kind of protection barrier if you have concerns about a child or pet getting too close to the pool.

And it’s not just the water that can get you into trouble in the summer. The hot sun is relentless; always wear sunscreen or protective clothing. Swim during the cooler times of day and avoid dehydration by ingesting a constant flow of liquids.

The same rules you’ve heard all your life, such as no running around the pool, watching who is in the water before you jump, etc., are all still true today.

If you have any safety questions or concerns about your swimming environment, don’t hesitate to call an Arrow professional at (610) 557-3851.
Source: Center For Disease Control and Prevention “Fact Sheet”