Summer Safety Tips for Pool Owners

Summer Safety Tips for Pool Owners

If you haven’t heard, June has been declared National Safety Month by the National Safety Council. We know, as well as anyone, that safety is paramount when it comes to residential swimming pools. If you’re a pool owner, you know this already, but a few reminders never hurt anyone.

Build a wall

Constructing physical barriers, such as bushes, fences or walls around your pool is one of the best ways to ensure wandering children don’t go where they shouldn’t.
If possible, make your pool its own separate area protected by physical barriers and a latch-able gate. This will prevent a lot of un-needed stress and worry and can also look very nice.


We probably don’t need to tell parents this twice, but always supervise children in the pool area. If you have kids and own a pool, it would be wise to invest in swimming lessons for them at an early age. Flotation devices are great, but they are not meant to replace parental supervision.

Clean up the pool area

Accidents don’t just happen in the water. A clean, clutter-less pool area that features smooth surfaces all the way around can help prevent smaller injuries, like stubbed toes.

Don’t forget about the pets

Have pets running around? It’s not uncommon for dog-lovers to teach their dogs how to swim or invest in life jackets for their furry friends. If that doesn’t seem necessary to you, that’s fine, just be mindful about your pets around the pool and take responsibility for their safety as well.

Can Arrow Pool help make your pool safer? Ask us about pool renovations, equipment upgrades, refinishing and other ways we can keep your pool safe and in tip-top shape.