When to Get Your Pool Surface Refinished

When to Get Your Pool Surface Refinished

Your swimming pool can be one of the most beautiful and enjoyable aspects of your home. But much like a lot of things around your house, proper maintenance, attention and service is required to ensure your pool is operating safely and efficiently.

A big area of concern for pool owners is trying to decide if the surface of their pool needs refinished. Worn out pool surfaces are unsightly, rough and can be dangerous, so homeowners want to find a solution that is fast, affordable, reliable and has longevity. But before the work starts, simply trying to understand if it is the right time to refinish needs to happen first.

The best way to approach pool surface refinishing is to be a step ahead of the game. By understanding the life cycle for different materials, you can be proactive in your approach and have a better shot at prevention. Waiting until cracks, tears, seam issues or damage occurs is waiting too long. As a general guideline, plaster and cement pools need refinished every 8-15 years.

With the right pool service company, refinishing you pool can be a cost-effective and easy process. Look for a company that knows your area and has been doing excellent work for over four decades. Also hire a business that will work directly with your vision, whether you want painting, plaster or a pebble finish.

Monitor your surface and refinish the pool on a routine basis so your swimming experience will never be hampered.