Winterize Your Pool Now

Winterize Your Pool Now

Fall just got started, but winter is closer than you think. So, if you haven’t closed your pool yet, you should do so before the below-freezing temperatures arrive. Here are some general guidelines to follow before you begin the winterizing process:

Don’t Drain your Pool Entirely

It might not make sense now, but completely draining your pool for the wintertime can potentially cause serious issues in and around your pool. Read your pool manufacturer’s instruction about pool draining. Your local pool professionals can give you additional information as well. But basically, in-ground pools should be drained halfway and above-ground pools should not be drained at all.

Prepare for Early Freezing

While a mid-late October pool closing should be ok, winter weather can arrive early. In the instance of an early drop in temperatures, make sure all your lines are still working, as the water won’t freeze if it’s still moving freely through the pipes.

Fall/Autumn Maintenance

The most important thing you’ll need to pay attention to during the fall season is leaves falling in your pool. If your pool is located near or directly under trees, use a skimmer to keep the leaves out and keep your water clean.

Put Equipment Away

You can begin storing ladders, diving boards, and other structures to keep them from freezing during the winter. If you have a shed or a portion of your garage where you store away pool toys and other equipment, an optimal time to get that space organized is shortly before closing your pool.

Call the Professionals

If you haven’t yet requested pool closing services from Arrow Pool, you should set up an appointment soon. Our fleet of 20 trucks has been meeting the pool closing needs of residential pool owners in southeastern Pennsylvania for over 30 years. Our current expert team of pool closing professionals will help you through the winterizing process and provide a professional cover, winterizing chemicals and equipment maintenance.

Making sure your pool is winterized properly is essential in protecting your investment and ensuring that costly damage doesn’t take place. Don’t take any chances – call Arrow pool today at 610-557-3936 – or click here to request pool closing services.